With great crews, some planning, and a bit of luck, our first-time home construction was in net, a successful and educational experience.

Great Contractors and Suppliers

Fortunately, most of the folks we've worked with have been really _GREAT_! In a one-off design, there are bound to be issues to resolve. It's how those issues were resolved that made most of these people a real joy to work with.

Friends, Family and Neighbors
Many thanks to everybody who has helped throughout the process including Rob, Cody, Kyle, and Patty Bielen, Justin Rowland, Esther, Marty, Matt, and Amanda Flynn, Josh Heinrich, Matt Black, Tyler Eastman, Lee Brown, Guy Strange, Bob Castleberry, Jim Ervin, Harry and Kathy Salvini, Debe, James, and Kathryn Taylor and others.

Better Building Systems
Drafting, Engineering, Panel fabrication and assembly by Graham, Fred, Dennis, Darryl, Ron, Paul, and others).

Scoffield Excavating
Chuck Scoffield did an excellent job of clearing and preparing the site with his high-track D6.

Sierra Solar Systems
Solar panels, inverter, batteries used to power construction and office.

Hydronic Frontiers
Hydronic heating by Dennis Aufdenkamp

K.D. Olson Construction
Excellent concrete finishing by Kim, Steve, Dan, and others.

Spec. West/Sacramento
QC Patina Stain and Urathane Sealer for concrete.

Hills Flat Lumber
Excellent material and knowledgeable staff - Kenan, Jason, Darryl, and many others).

Ford Wholesale/Sacramento
Great Roofing Products at a great price along with after-sales service that can't be beat.

Grass Valley Glass
Marty, Eric, and Jered supplied and installed the EPI windows as well as shower stall doors.

Pacific Crest Doors
Great doors.

Not So Great...

Unfortunately, we had less than favorable experiences with a couple of local folks that others might want to be aware of. E-mail for specifics.